March 12, 2013

Blur to feature in Camden Walk of Fame

Camden - the London borough that is renowned for it's vibrant musical scene, artistic flair, massive market and for being Blur guitarist Graham Coxon's residential hometown. Ask any Blur fan which pub Graham Coxon is known for hanging out in, and Camden Crawl will be answered.

And now, Camden will be the proud new owner of a Music Walk of Fame, a disc route along the town that will feature 30 discs of famous musicians including Blur, Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Led Zeppelin  Frank Sinatra, Grandmaster Flash, Gill Scott-Heron, Soul II Soul and Camden's very own Madness.

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Bustling Camden town - a musical jumble
One special musical disc will even be created to celebrate deceased and troubled singer Amy Winehouse to mark her 30th birthday.

Manager Lee Bennett said there are even plans to "get bands who have split up back together again" for one-off concerts, when they receive a place in the iconic walk. Does this mean there be an Oasis and Blur concert ? Watch out Liam Gallagher.

"We hope this will be the highest accolade in music," Mr Bennett also said.

"This is an international brand not specific to Camden, but it is in Camden as we truly see it as the world's rock and roll capital." 

According to the BBC, those honoured will be divided into five groups: innovative artists, influential artists, icons, unsung heroes and industry types like managers and producers. A committee of global industry figures and local community members are working on shortlist of nominations for the first 30 plaques. The list will go to a decisive public vote on the Music Walk of Fame website in May.

Special concerts, gigs and events will also follow the unveiling of the Walk of Fame. Who knows - perhaps Graham Coxon will drop by to do a set from his own albums. Or maybe Blur will pop into Camden Town for a last-minute gig.

This will surely be added to the list of Blur places to visit for all fans of the band.

Visit the Music Walk of Fame website for more information and details.