December 24, 2011

Graham Coxon's NME Christmas Card Design - free download

Graham Coxon from Blur has designed a festive Christmas card for NME , after the magazine requested musicians to draw them original artwork to be featured in a free downloadable card for all music fans. 

Graham's design is, as quote NME, "a grotesque dude who's just learned that he's eating turkey from now til Easter".

We think it's very much on par with his other artworks in the past... take a look and do drop a comment on our facebook page and let us know what you think ? Will you send this to your loved ones ?

Click HERE to download the card (pdf)

Source: NME 


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Merry Blurry Christmas !

Merry Christmas readers and fellow Blur fans! May you all have a restful holiday and don't forget to put on a little Blur during your morning coffee, or play some soothing tunes out of Think Tank after your late nights out ! Here are some Blur-related images to add some Christmas cheer to your day... 

BLURBALLS ORIGINAL LOGO: I made this logo 2 years ago during Christmas! 

Photo credits: Tracy Jack Albarn, Bianca and other Blur Buddies online 

The Wassailing Song by Blur was a one-off record for promotional purposes. It's christmas-related, have a listen below!