May 2, 2012

Graham Coxon narrowly escapes death from burning hotel

In the 90s, the media reported Graham Coxon's narrow escape from death - Graham was photographed getting hit by a car during an evening out. Here at BlurBalls, we dug up from his archive interviews what Graham said on his first near death experience:

Jamie: Have you ever been in a car crash?
Graham: I was run over when we signed our first record deal - it was almost the shortest career in the world. I was around Notting Hill Gate and I found myself bashed up into the sky and landing on the road.
Alan: Were you driving?
Graham: No, I was just drunk - walking in the road and this copper said 'Hey sonny, wake up' and I said 'Am I dead?' and he said 'No, but you've had a nasty knock, son. We're taking you to hospital.'
Jamie: Were you alright?
Graham: I had huge concussion - this Irish nurse was wheeling me around the hospital for hours doing tests. I just kept asking her to marry me all the time. There's nothing so good when you're drunk and concussed as an Irish voice. Not one of the harsh ones, but the soft ones.

Now, in 2012, he has done it again. A huge fire destroyed the seafront Best Western Hotel in Falmouth, Cornwall yesterday, and Graham Coxon narrowly got away, yet again. Staff and guests, including the Blur guitarist, was evacuated and no one was hurt.

On Coxon's official twitter page, he, who is performing at Princess Pavilion in the town, wrote: "We have rooms at the beach hotel and had to leave."
He later tweeted: "We watched it... We had to leave the foyer and then watch it get worse and worse... rather sad."
Watch the video clip, and listen to an appropriate Graham Coxon song below. Graham Coxon's luckily unscathed!  
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