August 9, 2012

Blur would only make a new album 'for a film'

Damon Albarn said that he would be interested in making a new Blur album only if it was "for a film".

The singer did an interview for XFM Radio on August 5th stating that there are no further Blur plans unless they were asked to make a record for a film, which is unlikely to happen. The interview also talked about the usual - the recent shows, Hyde Park Olympics gig on August 12th 2012 and his feelings towards being reunited with Graham Coxon, Dave Rowntree and Alex James again for music.

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Graham Coxon also confirmed Albarn's views about Blur's future. Coxon was interviewed for Shortlist Magazine this month, in which he said that there were no more new Blur songs in existence. 

When asked whether there's more Blur material available, Graham replied: "That's it really. Sorry, but there just aren't any more. My only hope is that we carry on doing what we really want to do. That's it." 

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A bit of disappointment for those wanting a new Blur record or more new songs. With this much to take in recently in the Blur world, perhaps it is destined to be a summer of intense Blur, and a rapid ending after the summer Hyde Park gigs.

Will we be seeing Blur after Hyde Park ? Or will we have to wait for another few years for some more gigs and perhaps even a rare release?

Did Blur promise fans a one-time show with gigantic new releases and then plan to suddenly disappear off the face of the planet for another hiatus? Fans- who is remaining optimistic ?

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