March 24, 2021

Damon Albarn shops in London with partner Suzi Winstanley

The bandage appeared to be off on Tuesday as Damon Albarn stepped out with long time partner Suzi Winstanley after injuring his hand during an unfortunate accident with a kitchen blender. 

The Blur singer, 52, had previously been spotted with protective dressing on his finger following the bizarre incident at his London home in December. 

But he appeared to be fully healed on Tuesday during an appearance with artist Suzi in trendy Notting Hill.

His casual appearance was accentuated with a black beanie hat, while a raffish red patterned scarf rounded things off. Suzi appeared to match his offbeat look in a a camouflage army jacket and faded cargo trousers as they made their way onto the street.

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According to The Sun, Albarn injured his hand while making Christmas dinner for his family. The star had previously been spending time at his farm in Devon after briefly moving their with his partner Suzi, daughter Missy, 18, and parents Keith and Hazel in March. 

In October, Damon, who is worth around £30million, told The Sun: 'I was getting up in the morning, going to get food, preparing food, going to the studio, coming back at lunch, cooking, going back to the studio, coming back and cooking again for the family. I was busy. 'Going into lockdown, I was reasonable in the kitchen. 

It's not that I'm a more accomplished cook now, I'm just more efficient and confident. 'I can cook most things and my baking is a lot better but still with room for improvement. It’s very hard to bake in an Aga because the heat’s not consistent.