April 28, 2017

Damon Albarn Is Best Friends with Noel Gallagher

There's something endearing about seeing Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn on stage together. Not only that, but it appears that Damon Albarn has been publicly affectionate about Noel Gallagher, his one-time biggest enemy during the Britpop era.

In an interview by the Rolling Stone, he praised Noel Gallagher for being "funny" and cool.

So how did you get guitarist Noel Gallagher, your Britpop archnemesis in Oasis, to play on "We Got the Power"?
At one point, that track was Noel, me and [Blur's] Graham Coxon. It was the ultimate self-congratulatory Britpop moment. It was the victory lap, these geezers singing about all the power they had [laughs]. I went back and opted to doing it like you play something at the end of a film, as the credits roll. Jehnny Beth was necessary. The testosterone levels were off the fucking scale.
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At one point, Damon would have looked at Noel like this
How is it that you and Noel can get along so well now, after Oasis' vicious sniping at Blur in the Nineties?
Noel is not stupid. I love him for that. There was a point when they were set against us. And he had the advantage. He was from the working-class band. He was playing up to that and using it very successfully. I found it difficult to counter. What do you say? It's like when you get called "liberal elite" by right-wingers. The best I can say is "Call me liberal, but don't call me elite."
How easy is it to work with him now? You were both alpha males in your respective bands.
He's really musical. He's got a great tone to his voice. I love his guitar playing. And he's funny as shit. He's fucking brilliant company.
Good on you Damon!