April 5, 2011

Some news and updates

1) Beady Eye covers Blur for Record Store Day  

Beady Eye have recorded a version of Blur's 'Country House' – the song that once charted ahead of Gallagher's old band Oasis in their infamous 1995 chart battle. 

That year Oasis' 'Roll With It' went in at Number Two behind 'Country House' amidst a war of words between the two bands.

3,000 copies of the new single have been pressed. Half will be available in record stores in Gallagher's hometown of Manchester and the other half in stores in New Cross, London, where Blur formed.

Gallagher said: "The chart battle was only a bit of a fucking laugh and secretly 'Country House' was always my favourite Blur song. Especially the bit in the video when Alex James rides the pig."

Scroll down and click below to watch the video in question.

The Beady Eye mouthpiece added: "I'm saying all this bad blood between us should be put in the past and everyone should come together to help out Record Store Day for the good of music."

The limited-edition singles, already being tipped as the collectors' items of 2011 by music auction experts, will cost £50 each. Proceeds will be split between Beady Eye and Albarn.

2) Rants, moans and actual blogging
So it's time for some actual blogging on Blurballs, since it's called a Blur "blog" - it can't just feature static news about Blur all the time!

I've been hit with a turn in life - I get a chance to spend 2 years in Europe if I study, study hard and get a gpa of around 3.3 and above. That's tough - especially in law school, but I aim to meet that offer and surprise everyone. So that's my explanation for not blogging so much these few weeks, and the next few too, until final exams. 

I want YOU guys to tell me what you have been up to, Blurring or not, these few weeks. Discovered anything? 

February 19, 2011

Graham Coxon tweets about British trees and more...

If you're new to Blur, you might not know that guitarist Graham Coxon has a TWITTER page. He often tweets interesting little things and his music ... and of course, his life and bits and pieces of random happenings.

Anyways, yesterday Graham Coxon has applauded U.K. officials on his twitter page,  for deciding against selling off Britain's public-owned forests after a campaign spearheaded by Annie Lennox and Judi Dench.

The two women, along with model Lily Cole, Gillian Anderson, Richard E. Grant and designer Dame Vivienne Westwood signed a petition organized by conservationists at Save England's Forests, urging the government not to sell off valuable woodlands all over Britain.
The passing of a bill would have allowed officials to sell public forest estates for commercial interests.
But the proposal as officially rejected on Thursday (17 Feb 11) after Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman confessed the government had "got this one wrong" - and Coxon is happy that the consultation has been halted.
And so, in a post on his twitter page, he writes, "So the government aren't selling our forests... what a relief!!"
Glad to know, glad to know. 
I enjoy reading Graham's twitter. In fact, this blog post features Graham's twitter. Graham's twitter IS THE SUBJECT OF THIS POST and I want to share it so more people can read his little tweets. He does reply to you if you write something that catches his eye. Really!

Here's a little bit of excerpts of funny tweets that my fellow Blur fans on cyberspace shared.
Sometimes his tweets gets quite poetic!

Spiders in the sink... thanks Graham
Hmmm, I covered the Graham Twit saga in my other post 
Let me know - have you ever had an experience with twitter and celebrities "tweeting" ? I have gotten replies from Graham before, and it got all over the internet news ... (try to find it by doing a little Google search) and it was quite an experience. I still saved that article because I want to remember my little clash with a Blur boy. I am still glad to know Graham actually responds to some of the fans tweets and reads them in his busy musical life!

Have you ever gotten a reply from a celebrity on twitter / social networking site ?