February 17, 2013

Poll: Blur 2013 Comeback

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With the new 2013 World Tour almost taking full shape, Blur have once again generated rumours amongst fans. Everyone is asking the same question: Will Blur release new material in 2013 as part of their tour to surprise the audience? Or will Blur drop a brand new album after their worldwide tour after they fine-tune the sound ? 

Or perhaps Blur will follow the footsteps of bands that have reformed but will not release new material ? Speculations about whether the band are in it "for the money" have also been hot amongst music forums. However if that is the case, then why bother with playing numerous festivals all across the world ?

Some also say that Damon Albarn will go back to his Gorillaz project with cartoonist Jamie Hewlett and focus on releasing a fourth pop album. Others talk about the diverging paths of the four Blur members and how a new album will be incompatible and impossible. 

What do YOU think? Is 2013 the biggest year for Blur and fans alike? 

Vote in the poll below and let us know. Catch up on the Blur World Tour page for all the concert dates in one convenient table.