August 11, 2012

Blur: Parklife - Full coverage of Blur's Summer show DVD / CD available

Blur's final massive gig in Hyde Park this summer for the London Olympics Closing ceremony will be made available to all fans worldwide - via an exclusive CD and DVD package

This can only mean one thing - fans who cannot make it this summer will be able to re-live the experience right in their own living rooms. 

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Blur have partnered with Abbey Road Live Here Now to deliver high quality live audio of their massive sold-out London show to fans around the world. 

This special release will be available for download via the iTunes store – worldwide within 24 hours for of the band leaving the stage.

Next week, a rare limited edition CD of the entire full Hyde Park show will be available. Titled Blur: Parklive, it features 2 CD show discs including a BONUS disc featuring unreleased live tracks chosen from the recent warm-up shows (Margate, Wolverhampton, Plymouth, Maida Vale).

After, in November there will be a deluxe 5-disc set, which contains 3 full CDs of gig audio with an additional DVD of Blur's performance at the massiveHyde Park gig. 

There's more! A CD of tracks – 'Blur Live At The 100 Club' – recorded at the legendary London venue in August will also be released. 

The discs are packaged in a hardback book which features 60+ pages of new, exclusive photographs and images from both Hyde Park and the 100 Club Gig.

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Our little Blur sketch - in celebration of the 'Blur: Parklife (Live at Hyde Park 2012) ' CD

Click HERE to pre-order your copy of this package. 

August 5, 2012

Live at 100 Club - Blur leave fans delighted (Watch full gig)

The 100 Club, London. Exclusive, small, intimate, sweaty, bloody, amazing, "the best Blur gig ever" ... these are just some of the words used by the audience and press to describe the warm up gig in the small venue on August 2nd 2012.

Needless to say, Blur performed at their very top form. Highlights include 'Bugman', where Graham Coxon was just mashing it out on the guitar, and the song turned into something punk-like and fantastic. 'Oily Water' from Modern Life is Rubbish was also brilliant - it always is and sounds better live.

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blur100club, blur converse, blur live 2012, damon albarn singing, damon albarn 100 club, blur olympics, blurwarmup, damon albarn glasses
blur100club, blur converse, blur live 2012, alex james, damon albarn 100 club, blur olympics, blurwarmup
100 Club Blur Photos from NME 
'Colin Zeal' surprisingly was also played - an unconventional track, but it has it's merits. Blur's reviving songs they rarely play live and favouring them over the normal singles collection. No 'Song 2' or 'Country House' this time, but 'Trimm Trabb' and 'Young & Lovely' was again played.

Forum member Goldilocks wrote: That was so awesome!! All the fun of being there but with A/C and room to move. And DAVE!! Nice to see him in these ones and he is just letting it rip. The Trimm Trabb drumming was epic. 

Forum member damon4president also said: Dave has been drumming better than ever at these gigs, he is on fire! During Trimm Trabb Damon just stopped and looked at him in awe, and started a chant of 'Dave! Dave' over Graham's guitar solo

Setlist was:
blur100club, blur setlist, blur converse, blur live 2012, damon albarn singing, damon albarn 100 club, blur olympics, blurwarmup
Credits to Tom
Girls & Boys 
Young & Lovely 
Colin Zeal 
Oily Water 
The Puritan 
Trimm Trabb 
For Tomorrow 
Under The Westway

Watch Blur live at the 100 Club, August 2nd 2012 below (credits to uploader). Click to read  the full Margate Warm up show coverage. And check out our live blog of the Maida Vale show for BBC too. 

*Blur come on stage 
Girls and Boys 
Young and Lovely 
Colin Zeal 
Oily water 
The Puritan 
Trimm Trabb pt 2 
For Tomorrow 
Under the Westway http://www.yo 
*Blur leave stage