September 9, 2013

Andrew Rens Salendu: Interview with a Blur artist

This month's featured article will be all about part-time Blur artist Andrew Rens Salendu from Indonesia who published a series of wonderfully stylish Blur posters online in Deviantart. The styles of his Blur artwork, custom Blur album sleeves and covers ranges from dark britpop grunge, pure vintage to brilliantly colorful and psychedelic. 

Describe yourself - who are you ?

I’m a forensic pathologist who listens to a lot of music and draws a lot. I have a lovely wife and a handsome baby boy.

What inspired you to make the Blur posters?

Blur are very visually stimulating. They seem to put great care in their packaging. That inspired me to try to imitate the thought process in designing posters.

We've Got a File On You-
A riff on countless pop art stuff
Poster Design- A Blur/Batman
animated series mash-up

How did you get into Blur in the first place ?

For Tomorrow was a minor radio hit, and I remember thinking it was a very catchy tune. But like most others, the Blur bug bit me when Parklife was released. The variety of music is breathtaking, the quality of the songs even more so.

Name your favourite song - why ?

I can’t decide between Blue Jeans and Sweet Song.

What other music do you have in your collection ?

Like all the people who were in high school in 1994-1996, I have a soft spot for Britpop, even the second-division bands like Menswear, Dodgy, Octopus, Subcircus and Bennett. My favorite bands, other than Blur, are The Beatles, R.E.M., 10,000 Maniacs, The Smiths, Ryan Adams and Fountains of Wayne.

A Spell for Money- A fictional record sleeve
Elton John's Cock -
Design for a CD Single 

What do you consider when designing anything ?

My approach can be divided into just two: do the opposite and do the appropriate. Blur has a distinct but varied visual identity, from the early days by Stylorouge and to the later days when they use Banksy and Graham’s artwork. Mixing and matching visual styles are always fun.

Who's your favorite member of Blur ?

For his cavalier attitude and extracurricular activities alone, it has to be Alex.

What's your favourite photo of the band ? Please link

This one - Just the sight of seeing them back together again!

Least favourite Blur song and why

It’s a three-way-tie between Mr Robinson’s Quango, Top Man and Crazy Beat. I don’t know why, but I find them incredibly annoying. The former even more so, because it interrupted the flow of two of my favorite Blur songs – The Universal and He Thought of Cars.

Any last words ?

Thank you so much for the opportunity! Love your site! 

Vintage styled Blur poster design
Blur poster with retro pixels 

Japanese-styled replica poster design

To see more of Andrew's Blur graphic designs, browse his gallery at

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