February 15, 2013

Things to do While Waiting for Blur’s Concerts in 2013

Most of the upcoming Blur concerts of 2013 have already been announced through their official site as well as social media accounts. Blur members Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree are set to kick off their wave of concerts in Mexico on 16th of March during the Vive Latino Festival. It is just nearly a month away from today, which heightens fans' anticipation and excitement more. However, the more we count the days until we see Blur live, the longer they feel. That being said, here are some activities you can do while waiting for the gigs to start.

1. Prepare a personal concert kit 

Going to a music festival like Coachella or a regular concert is no joke. As exciting as the event may be, it can be pretty exhausting at times due to unforeseen circumstances or camping troubles. To cope up with these problems, do prepare a concert kit for yourself. This may include water, Blur books, medicine, extra shirts, pens (to get the band's autograph) and money. Make sure to plan ahead and check the venue online for parking information beforehand. Don't bring expensive things as these are easily stolen or lost, especially in the jam-packed gig venue!

blur coachella, coachella 2013, blur 2013, blur gig live
Coachella Venue

2. Find your concert buddy 

For those who have attended concerts (whether it is Blur or other bands) in the past, the experience is definitely more fun and exciting when accompanied by a concert buddy or people you know. When looking for one, go for someone who is not ashamed of embracing the whole concert experience. For times where you cannot find existing friends that are willing to go, a good suggestion is to take advantage of the availability of the internet and connect with fellow Britpop fans.

Festivals aren't all about music, they're about creating bonds and togetherness too. They are a great way to find new friends and expand your horizons a little, so chat to the person next to you who is singing along or simply having a great time. Who knows, you might find your concert buddy in Twitter, Last FM or in social gaming sites like FoxyBingo. You can also try visiting sites like the Blur forums or even the band's Facebook page to connect with other music-lovers.

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3. Re-learn Blur songs 

During a concert, it is inevitable for audience members to dance and sing their hearts out. A friend once told me before that people around him looked at him strangely after he sang the wrong lines while Blur were performing "Under the Westway" last year. So, spare yourself with this kind of experience by re-learning or memorizing their songs earlier before their 2013 gigs. While you’re at it, make sure to re-watch their music videos and sing along with the chorus.

4. Invest in a camera 

If you do not own a camera, now is a pretty good time to invest in one for the festivals. Cameras don't have to be expensive to be able to shoot decent pictures or videos, and festivals are a perfect time for having fun, enjoying the scenery and capturing the moment. Blur gigs always contain memorable moments, and videos can make great memorabilia for a great gig. After all, this may be Blur's very last tour in a long time if they decide to call it a day after the year ends.

damon albarn fan, damonalbarnfan, damon albarn candid, girlfriend damon albarn
Lucky fans meeting Damon Albarn after a gig
Other top tips: 
  • Pick the right festival - some are kids-friendly, some have massive crowds that block all movement. Some have special parking spaces or cater for the elderly / disabled particularly well. Make sure you do some research before buying tickets. 
  • Keep young children away from any hazards during the festival - electric cables and amps can cause harm. 
  • Don't lose sight of adults and kids alike - it's easy to get lost in the big crowds.
  • Bring enough food and water - summer festivals are guaranteed get you sweaty!  
  • Relax - it's a music festival to be enjoyed, and not stressed over! Listen to the music, and bring earplugs if you are worried about the loud noise. 

January 25, 2013

Blur confirmed to headline Coachella 2013

Blur has just been confirmed to be the top headliners in this year's Coachella festival 2013.  The massive music festival will be held in California, United States in the last weekend of April - fro12-14th April and 19-21st April 2013. 

Other top lineups include Phoenix, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Lou Reed. Beach House, Modest Mouse and Grinderman will also be playing, as well as Nick Cave and Vampire Weekend.

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The announcement came after months of speculation and rumours about whether Blur will be the headlining act - and the news has just been officially confirmed. Damon Albarn and the other members of Blur previously played Coachella in 2003, 2009 and 2010.

blur coachella, coachella 2013, coachella music, blur coachella 2013, coachella lineup, damon albarn coachella, blur 2013 tour

It seems that Blur is indeed doing a world tour in 2013 because they have confirmed festivals as far as Japan, Germany, Berlin and Norway for this year. Now that America has also been announced, the big question remains - what will come out of this world tour ? A new album perhaps ? 

Ticketing information can be found HERE

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