March 8, 2013

Damon Albarn plays a live set at Broken premier

Damon Albarn recently played an exclusive gig for the premier of the new Rufus Norris film 'Broken'. The coming-of-age movie, starring Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy, details the story of a young girl from North London whose life changes after witnessing a murder.  The film features an exclusive new rendition of Blur song 'Colours' , sung by a different vocalist but with the same lyrics as the original song.

The soundtrack is created by the new music collective Electric Wave Bureau (which Damon Albarn is a part of) and features the original song by Blur – 'Colours. The limited edition single was originally released in 2003 as part of Blur's fan magazine "Blurb".

Electric Wave Bureau is Damon Albarn's latest new creation, a music supervision company dedicated to creating the perfect soundtrack to any video or movie. Its members include Damon Albarn's long-term partner Suzi Winstanley, Nelson De Freitas, Mike Smith and Damon Albarn.

Spot Damon Albarn... on the live set at Broken's movie premier

Director Norris, who worked with Damon Albarn for the opera Dr Dee, said: “The two of us were heavily involved in Dr Dee, which I did last year in Manchester and I'm doing at the ENO. I was hoping they would do it, but they're kind of busy, and it wasn't until we started working on Dr Dee again, for the Cultural Olympiad, and when we sat down for the first session for that, that one of them said, 'How's the film going?’ I said, ‘Well, it would be good to have a minute on that when we're done today,’ and they said, ‘Let's have a minute now.’ I said, ‘Will you do it?’ And they said yes. Which was great; I already had a robust working relationship with them, and we'd already done a big show that was put on under pressure.”

Listen to the original 'Colours' (2003)- by Blur: -

“We had a very limited budget, but we made that work for us in a good way. We had to be inventive and quick and intuitive. And then we were able to have the strings to articulate the emotion of the story in a more conventional but still powerful way" said Norris.

Listen to the new version of 'Colours'- Blur track: -

Music by Albarn/James/Rowntree
Performed and Produced by Electric Wave Bureau
Vocals by Eloise Laurence
Recorded and Mixed at Studio 13 
Published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd
Additional Guitar Simon Tong

The film will be out in UK Cinemas on Friday 8th March 2013. For more pictures from the film visit the official press release gallery. Watch the trailer here.

Visit the official website or their Facebook page for more information about this featured film and production facts, as well as who's involved.

August 19, 2012

Broken (film) features Damon Albarn Soundtrack

Damon Albarn worked with director Rufus Norris on his new film 'Broken' (2012)'s soundtrack. The singer wrote the musical scores and instrumentals for this film, which details the story of a young girl in North London whose life changes after witnessing a violent attack.

The first piece of music in the movie trailer sounds a bit like something off Gorillaz's third album 'Plastic Beach' and definitely has a touch of Damon's signature melodies and beats.

The second piece of music is a nice rendition of Blur's fan club single 'Colours'. The single was released on August 2003 and seems to fit the movie's dark theme very well.

Watch the trailer for 'Broken' below.

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