November 13, 2013

William Orbit feud with Blur continues- "Damon was really awful"

Blur's feud with super-producer William Orbit is not yet over. William Orbit has announced that he will "never" work with lead singer Damon Albarn again after the Blur frontman halted recording sessions they were collaborating on last year in 2012.

It was reported in May last year that Albarn had worked on new Blur material, with Orbit confirming that the four-piece had been in the studio before the sessions were stopped "suddenly".

Orbit had previously hinted that he was recording with the band in a series of tweets. In January 2012 he wrote: "I just found out that she [Diawara] has done tracks with Damon A, who I’m in the studio with from Wednesday!" 

In an exclusive new interview with NME magazine, Orbit says he will never work with Blur again because he claimed that he didn't get paid for his time recording with the band last year. 

"Oh don’t start me on Blur," he says. "Put it this way, I’m not going to work with them again – Damon was really awful. That’s all I’ll say. Let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t care to go back. I wouldn’t be hurrying back to do that album. I didn’t get paid! But, you know, I’m not the first." 

In January of this year, Blur announced to excited music fans that would begin work on a new album after singer Damon Albarn releases his solo LP in 2014. The band had been on tour since the start of 2013 and are nearing the end of their set of gigs. The band have released standalone tracks 'Fool's Day', 'The Puritan' and 'Under The Westway' since Graham Coxon rejoined them after a long hiatus in 2008, but a new album has not been forthcoming so far.

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February 1, 2012

Producer William Orbit keeps hinting at new Blur material

William Orbit, producer of albums by Madonna and Blur, amongst many other musicians, keeps dropping hints on his facebook page about an upcoming Blur album.

He wrote on January 31st 2012:

william orbit facebook, william orbit blur, william orbit news

Why does he keep mentioning Blur ? If nothing major was up, why keep posting and tweeting about it ? If it's a one off track like Fool's Day, Blur's comeback little song, then there's NO NEED to hire any producer, albeit an expensive, famous one.

Another fact: 2012 marks the 13th year since Blur recorded their album "13" (produced by William Orbit) in 1999. Coincidence ? We think not! It could be that Blur decided to surprise us by making another album, with the same producer as their 1999 album, hiring the same producer, for their comeback album.

william orbit facebook, william orbit blur, william orbit news, blur studio

It is quite likely that by hiring Orbit, such a renowned producer to work with them, Blur IS actually going to release something new. Blur was never a band who told us fans much before anything was going to happen, even for previous album titles, including their last album in 2003 titled "Think Tank".

Stay tuned on Blurballs and we'll keep you updated on anything happening. We can't wait! 


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