February 10, 2011

Gorillaz break up rumors quashed !

The on-again, off-again rumors can officially be put to a rest: Gorillaz are not breaking up, a publicist for the group says.

The rumors of a Gorillaz split go back to last year when the band was on tour. At that point, Damon Albarn told the Toronto Sun that the group may call it quits at the end of their tour. 

That rumor was “confirmed” last week in an article in People Magazine that said the group had “sensationally split.” Hold your horses, a band representative said. That’s not the case at all. When asked to confirm or deny the rumors of a breakup, the band’s rep said:
So, breathe easy everybody!

During a performance in New Zealand back in December, vocalist Damon Albarn gave a lengthy speech about how the show might end up being the band's last ever live performance. 
Well, the relationship between band members Jamie Hewlett and Damon is still on the rocks. Hewlett is said to be pissed at Damon over "how much time Albarn was giving to his many other projects." 
On the flipside, Albarn has been "less than impressed with Jamie's party lifestyle" lately.
And the two were the best of friends!
Jamie Hewlett's son Denholm has spoken up about the shaky friendship on Gorillaz-Unofficial. Denholm posted, "I just spoke to my dad... he said its rubbish, they have kinda fallen out... they're just taking time apart from each other to work on other projects. gorillaz are not gunna split up, its fine."

I sure hope Denholm's not messing around.  However, if it all turns out to be true and Jamie and Damon are really ready to call it quits, there better be some pretty damn good Blur projects in the works. 

Look what I found...

Either way, it's looking good for us fans. Gorillaz aren't splitting up (yet) and Blur seems to be tethering along in their studio.

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