March 11, 2021

Elton John Praises Damon Albarn For Being "British Jewel"

Elton John and Damon Albarn are two of the greatest musicians in the UK. The ‘Rocketman’ singer recently collaborated with Albarn on ‘The Pink Phantom’ for Gorillaz’ latest project ‘Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez’. 

Speaking in a new interview, John praised Albarn for throwing himself into projects that interest him, rather than focusing on what might be deemed more commercially successful.

Elton praises Damon for writing "simple" and provocative songs, while comparing his style as being too complicated. He claims that Damon is the most interesting British musician and called the last Blur album a "masterpiece". 

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Damon Albarn clearly looked flattered and told Elton that at the beginning of Blur, his songs were all over the place and he had to stop playing the piano. He said he wanted to write songs like Elton John. 

The two guys have a very good relationship and the bromance is real. 

Watch Elton John interview Damon Albarn below! 

Watch the duo's collaboration below!