September 25, 2012

Blur - 15 memorable Alex James Quotes

Alex James - the laid-back one, the cool one, the one with the long haircut... He's been labeled as the cheese farmer, the man with a-lot-of-kids and is known as the one most of Blur gets on well with. Here are our top 15 favourite Alex James sayings. 

  1. "The thing I really like about this band is that every time I walk out of my door I bump into Graham, no matter where I am! That always reassures me." - Alex. 
  2. We're genre-sluts, really. We're all good players, and I don't see why we should have to confine ourselves into playing in one particular style. The Beatles never did. It's whatever floats the boat, really.
  3. I'd always wanted to be an idiot genius Soho alcoholic.
  4. "What you've got to do is look in your cupboard, see what's there, put it all in a big pot, sprinkle some grated cheese on top and bung it in the oven. That's what pop music is all about." 
  5. “Damon? What can I say? He’s a confrontational… objectionable … big-headed…”  - On Albarn
  6. “All you need are three chords, a good haircut, and balls.”  - on Fame
  7. Alex (To liam about the chart battle): "Both our fucking songs where shit anyway!" 
  8. Graham thinks he can fly, Damon says he can fly, Dave's got an aeroplane, but I've got me feet on the ground. 
  9. "We've always been too friendly, too clever and too good-looking for a lot of people." on Blur
  10. 'Watching football is like watching sex. It's good, but participating's much better'
  11. "You can't say that we're unemotional! Emotion is inherent in everything we do. Emotion isn't about standing on mountains going, "I'VE GOT A BROKEN HEART!" If you're going to sing about your heart, you might as well rhyme it with fart, as far as I'm concerned..."
  12. "From the start, my relationship with him was confrontational. He asked me how good his songs were and I said, "Not very good at all". Damon liked the theatre and Hermann Hesse. He wore sandals, had a collection of magic hats and followed the cycles of the moon."
     - on Damon Albarn
  13. "I only go out once or twice a week now. Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Sunday."
  14. "Damon had just finished drama college and was working in a fast-food hellhole at Euston Station.It took me a while to get to know Damon, and I never really knew what he was thinking - unlike Graham, who, like me, just wanted to be down the pub."
  15. "Champagne gives you bad breath - so you have to eat one raw carrot per bottle".
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Inside Alex James' head
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