May 6, 2013

Blur announces plans to record new album 2013

Blur confirms rumours to release a new album 

Blur announces firm plans to record a new album during their Hong Kong concert on May 5th 2013. Not only a new single or a track, but a new album is next up for Blur. 

Yes- it is true , Blur will be recording a new album for release soon and will be starting the recording process this week. We heard it straight from the horse's mouth, live from the Blur covert in Hong Kong's Asia World Expo this evening as Damon announced it to the Hong Kong audience.

"It's a secret" said Damon Albarn before announcing the news to the live audience. The Blur frontman seemed relaxed and excited at the prospects of working with Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree for a new Blur album. 

"We were supposed to play in Japan and Taiwan" he said, "but it was cancelled so we have a week in Hong Kong". 

It looks as if they are planning to use the week to record and plan the new Blur album. Blur plans to tour the city and gain inspiration from the aesthetic views of the city's skyline for new Blur songs. 

blur hong kong 2013, blurhongkong, blur 香港
Blur at Hong Kong - original picture by BlurBalls

This news confirms strong rumours that Blur are recording a new album after their massive 2013 world tour, which brings them to cities such as Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Istanbul and other American,  European and Asian destinations around the world. Check out a full list of tour dates and venues from our site. 

Once again, Blur are definitely recording a new album and going to be releasing new singles , new songs, new Blur B-sides and new albums after their tour. 2014 is looking to be a fruitful year , with many new Blur songs coming your way.

Blur's reunion has been a surprise - a very pleasant surprise for the long time fans and devotees. Perhaps the new Blur album will sound like completely different, unexpected and experimental; or will it be centered around rock and pop ? Who knows.

All we know is that - as Damon Albarn chants : it really really really could (and did) happen. 

Exclusive Blur news from, live from the Hong Kong gig. new blur single


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