March 27, 2012

2manydjs / Radio Soulwax - Girls and Boys animation

An ongoing Radio Soulwax project launched its application and website last year, where they have done twenty four one-hour music track mixes with visuals.  All animations are made from the record sleeves.  The homepage for the application has a description of what this is all about:

WHAT is Radio Soulwax?

Ok, so it's a radio station, but not as you know it. For now, it's a growing collection of 24 one hour-long mixes with visuals that we are sharing with you for free, and hopefully it will become a platform for many more things to come. We call them mixes, but in reality they are more like musical films based on the record sleeves.

We grew up surrounded by our dad's extensive record collection and many of our earliest memories are of record sleeves, so it only makes sense that we made this tribute to that forgotten art form, albeit in a very digital way.

Every hour has a different musical and visual theme (always based on the covers), to eventually make for a varied day-long radio schedule that will remain online in a rotated and continuous loop. 

They have included a great visual mix for Blur's track Girls & Boys - not only is the single cover animated, but the Parklife album cover has also been given some spice with it's entertaining animation. Watch the snippet with Blur below:   

It's quite cool to see Blur's album art moving, and the concept of this project is unique and interesting. Makes for a good listening and viewing experience! 

All the hours are also available to watch in HD on vimeo.

Download the RADIO SOULWAX app for iphone / ipad / android HERE or watch online at

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