March 7, 2011

BlurBall Caption Contest 3 !

Last Friday night was spent spilling blood and tears over an essay. Now that that's over, I will dedicate this post (a tad late!) to announcing the winners of the BlurBall Caption Contest 2 and to kick start a NEW competition for this week! 

Ladies and Gentlemen (or neither)....time for the Monday morning BLURBLOG CAPTIOCONTEST! 

Thanks to Caitlin from the forums for putting up this hilarious picture. Damon and Jamie, partners in crime, partners in business and partners in goofing around. Can YOU think of something funny that was going on the minds of those two when the picture was taken? How about an awesome one-liner that goes with the monkeying around ? 

Speaking of which, Damon and Jamie kind of look alike here. Maybe it's the hair. Or the suits. Love them. 

The winner for Blurball Caption Contest 2 is NoWhereNoHow  who suggested the caption "With Prestige, there comes a foreboding burden..." with inspiration from the lyrics in Advert (Modern Life is Rubbish)! Congratulations!

Now that's one serious caption there. It's DEEP! You get a milky postcard as a token of extreme gratitude.

Aren't they the sweetest couple?
Dear readers, please leave a comment below on any suggestions/ comments and CAPTIONS for the new picture! Be sure to check out the Gallery for past contest winners. 

What's up with you guys? 


  1. Oh, my, Torts. Remember: Spinny "Apple Corers" limit workplace liability. I am now designing a public safety campaign in my head, starring Alex James and his apple corer, called: "But -- think of the Tort(es)!" Mr. Rowntree, he of the very official looking, sexy architect vibe, is now drawing up the legal papers...somewhere, I'm sure. When he realizes just how brilliant this campaign will be, he will. And I'm sure he'll also tell me:

    "Members of 'Blur' will not be available for any of your 'art films', nor will they ever be. So stop asking."

    Which will be a dissapointment, I must say.

    As far as captions go, I'm drawing a blank again. My last, brutally, soul-crushingly rejected attempts of:

    "Captions as a Play. Act One, Scene One: Alex James is chased by mad cows. He is attempting to get a very dreamy, Byronesque-beautiful Graham to stop staring at clouds...and birds... and bumblebees because the cows are coming his way (audience should hold applause)".

    Have broken this filly. I'm an ARTIST. I can't work under these weekly deadlines.

    Anyhow, I'm going to commit "Blur/Gorillaz" blasphemy because I look at that picture and all I can hear is Franz Ferdinand's "Do you Want To?" clinking in my tinny head.

    Roar, boys. Roar.

  2. By the way, Danomind (or anyone else), do you know when this was taken?

    (...and I'd like to cash-in one "Get Out of Spaz Typing Free" card for the last comment.

    Except for that last part. The last part still stands.)

  3. @Rose

    Haha - "Do you want to?" IS AWESOME! Anyways you're an artist ? What do you do in the artistic world ?

    And this photo was taken in September, 2007 at the Monkey Journey to the West premier!

    Woot, Tell me more about your art and films and your rants about Blur.

  4. OMG, Damon's and Jamie's face on the first picture xD hilarious ;)

  5. I am actually an artist, Dano, but I was being a brat and using the cheeky euphenism (sp?) "art film" as a replacement for "softcore" ("If you'll'll all be perfectly tasteful, I can assure you! We're just paying tribute! Yes. Nature. Remember: Be the volcano!...")

    And look at those two sexy beasts. Albarn's taunting and teasing a stunned, hypnotized presenter/photographer/interviewer/fan/audience member, as usual. Trying to look goofy and failing miserably because he's so damned beautiful. As better put elsewhere:

    "His face is so f@$*ing beautiful, it's blinding."

    The common reaction, methinks.

  6. @Rose

    Trust me, it is the common reaction for all females (and most males!) who see Damon's pictures. Especially the younger years... Mmm..

    Actually I'm much more obsessed with Damon's younger years than now, looks wise. Music wise, I prefer his ventures now. But looks - I don't think I've ever seen a better looking young man than Damon Albarn when he was at his peak, the 90s Britpop scene, the mop top hair, the blue eyes, cheeky grin, skinny frame, british clothes... Sigh .

    Wow - an artist. My dream profession. Me plans to become an artist after doing my degree, instead of practising Law. I LOVE art, digital and traditional alike.

  7. You know, I agree that when you see pictures and videos of Damon Albarn from the 90's, he is a vision of absolute, physical perfection. Someone poets, painters and sculptors would've designed entire works of art around, in another era. Pure beauty. But I'd also like to think, that we humans could evolve to move beyond being so influenced by that - being so moved by physical beauty.

    So, I went to a recent "Gorillaz" show, had excellent third row seats and armed with my grumbly, artsy perspective ("I'm totally here for the music and the collaborative mixed media production; besides, Damon Albarn's 42 now, so this is no "boy-toy" performance, blah, blah, blah") I prepared myself for an experience devoid of any fan-girl disruptions. But then, he comes out on stage and for gawd's sake, he's just standing there - he hasn't even started playing music, yet - and he's absolutely mesmerizing. You're just compelled to look at him. And once in the light (and remember, I had close seats) all I could think was something along the lines of (to, again, borrow from that commentor):

    "He's so f@#$ing beautiful, it's blinding."

    I wanted to smack myself and say: "Stupid mammal! Pay attention!". And suddenly, the whole "Gorillaz" concept made perfect sense to me. Of course he'd want to retreat into an artifically constructed world, where he could make music, hidden from view. He's probably been uncomfortably stared-at, leered-at or oggled in some capacity, his entire life. It was the logical retreat - at least, at the time.

    Anyhow, that's my first and final shameless rant about Damon Albarn's looks. I'll only say that his sex appeal has increased exponentially with age, as he's moved from "very pretty" to "very hot". And the music, art and overall show was, truly, brilliant and very creative, so I'm glad to say that was my original motive for being there. It really was the music and not those gorgeous, blue eyes that initially drew me in. But I'm not complaining about them, either. All I can say, is he's with a worthier lady than me because that face would never stop being a novelty.

    (Also, one of my very first crushes was on "Schroeder" from the "Peanuts"/"Charlie Brown" Comic strip and Holiday programs. I wonder if that, subconsciously, had something to do with my fascination? ;D )

  8. @Rose

    Ah, Rose. I tried to reply to your comment 3 times, and Google keeps freezing my page. So I'll type it here once again.

    I totally agree with you, I went to see Gorillaz live a while ago in Hong Kong, where I'm living now. And the minute Damon walked on stage, I couldn't stop looking at him. It's his eyes. his blue sparkling eyes! All his boyish charm, charisma is all in his face, and how he sings. Intense, really charming.

    I could't stop looking away. And I still see the Damon 90s boy in him now. He hasn't changed, he's just gotten older and more wizened. LOL.

    Haha, of course. He was too beautiful. He was the poster boy of Britpop. He needed to retreat otherwise he'd go crazy!

    Haha, pretty boys attract me. He's beautiful no matter what because he HASN"T CHANGED at all, really.

    Schroeder? Hahahah, peanuts! LOL! I liked Garfield more than Charlie Brown.

  9. History is little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.