June 1, 2018

Firs Look at Gorillaz's New Song 'Humility'

Gorillaz's new track "Humility" has launched today (May 31st) on Youtube. The song features Damon Albarn's crooning vocals and features very few collaborators. In fact it seems like it's just him on the singing. It's a catchy, "The Fall"-esque track with an upbeat melody and synth sound.

Jack Black also acts as the main star of the video, and it has, as one Youtube comment says, got "summervibes"!

Their video features a sun-drenched new video for first track ‘Humility’ - feat George Benson, starring a roller-skating 2D and a busking Jack Black, was directed by Jamie Hewlett and filmed entirely in Venice Beach, California last month.

The brand new album from Gorillaz 'The Now Now’ drops 29th June & is available to pre-order now. Click HERE.

May 31, 2018

Damon Albarn drops New Gorillaz Song Tomorrow and album in June 29th 2018

Head's up- a new Gorillaz song will be dropping tomorrow and it's going to be fantastic. According to NME, there will be a new album out next month (June 29 2018) so fans won't have to wait long for new tracks to be on the way!

Over the weekend, it was announced that a mysterious website had been launched which led fans to believe that Gorillaz were set to release something in late June. After fans followed a website address found on a series of cryptic posters around London’s All Points East festival, they discovered a site which played a brief clip, showing off band member 2-D playing a guitar, while the words “The Now Now” are flashed on the screen.

the now now gorillaz, new gorillaz album 2018
the now now gorillaz, new gorillaz album 2018

Although fans are speculating, the group remained silent on the matter, not confirming whether or not ‘The Now Now’ was the name of a song, album, or something else entirely.

As a source reports, the wife of Gorillaz’ graphic designer Jamie Hewlett, has confirmed the new album, sharing a post on Instagram which shows the artwork, and reveals that fans will only have to wait a month before it drops.

While Jamie Hewlett revealed last year that Gorillaz were planning to release a new album rather quickly to avoid falling into another period of inactivity, the group kept rather quiet about everything until earlier this month, when it was reported that Albarn had left the new album in a London taxi. “It was a disaster,” explained an unnamed source. “Damon oversees everything and, with Gorillaz, it’s not just audio – it’s the expensive visuals as well. The laptop’s contents are priceless.”

Who's excited for the news?

Watch 2 clips of the potential songs Hollywood and Idaho on the new album in which Albarn debuted recently.

May 28, 2018

What Will The New Gorillaz Album Be Like in 2018?

Recently, Damon Albarn reportedly caused a scare after he left a laptop containing a master copy of the new Gorillaz album in the back of a taxi. We're all eager to hear that, but it looks like we won't be hearing any of that anytime soon.

Having previously confirmed plans for a new record in 2018, The Mirror reports that the Blur frontman left the laptop in the back of a taxi after he went drinking at London’s Groucho Club.

“It was a disaster. Damon oversees everything and, with Gorillaz, it’s not just audio – it’s the expensive visuals as well. The laptop’s contents are priceless”, a source told NME.  “But after a night at Groucho, Damon accidentally left it in a cab and caused a huge panic.”

The article also claims that the album is strongly inspired by Albarn’s strong anti-Brexit views and will be released next month.

Now, Damon Albarn has been quite politically spoken these few years, with his public condemnation of Donald Trump and Brexit in the months leading up to these events. He has always been one to comment on social life, such as during his Blur days, when he was famous for writing satirical, sarcastic and scarily accurate songs about life- and politics.

Blur's famous "Modern Life Is Rubbish" is a predictor of the current times- people on their headphones, watching TV, advertisements- it's like something out of a Black Mirror, kaftka-esque world. His "Everyday Robots" is a condemnation of technology (or perhaps his lack of tech-skills) but it's really about someone who longs to have a real human connection.

Now, with Gorillaz on the line, what will the new album sound like? Will it be a throwback to the past, where technology is not present? Or will it be even more techno, strange and unusual like their Humanz album?

Who knows- only time will tell.

May 24, 2018

Don't Look Back In Anger: An Exhibion Celebrating 90s British Music, Art & Culture

Attention fans! Don’t Look Back in Anger, which takes its name from the hit song by Oasis, is an exhibition that celebrates 90s British life through art. The exhibition features Damon Albarn as well as Oasis, and it is a must-go for all Britpop and Blur fans. Here's a little more about the exhibition. 

For one night only, visitors will be transported back to the last years of the 20th century, in an interactive evening of retro nostalgia. The ticketed event will include food, live music, board games and screenings. All art showcased on the night will be for sale, and available for purchase online following the event.

Highlight Nation is a platform dedicated to the nurturing of up and coming talent, whilst the Underdog Gallery continues to represent some of the finest mid-level and established artists. This collaboration is the first of its kind, and comes less than a year after Highlight Nation’s debut 2Pac - Changes art exhibition in September 2017.

The gallery itself is located near the Shard, in an area that’s bustling, well connected and easily reached.

Picking up on the popularity of 90s-themed parties, Highlight Nation hopes to strike the perfect balance between an art event and music night, making this exhibition a truly multimedia affair

Don't Look Back In Anger: An Exhibion Celebrating 90s British Music, Art & Culture

Click here to buy tickets: Eventbrite

February 27, 2018

Gorillaz to play Dublin in 2018!

Breaking news! Right off the boat from their BRIT Award win, Gorillaz will play Dublin's Malahide Castle on Saturday, June 9th and as is their usual manner, Damon Albarn and co. will have several support acts in tow.

The three acts that will be joining the cartoon band at Malahide will be no strangers to Gorillaz fans, as they have collaborated several times over the years. Hip-hop trio De La Soul are one of them, alongside English rapper Little Simz and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

Tickets are still on sale from usual outlets at €69.50 a piece (not including booking fee).

Get your tickets here!

February 6, 2018

3 Ideas For Gorillaz To Get Back In The Mainstream

This title shouldn’t come across as any sort of insult. Gorillaz still have a large, widespread fan base, and a devoted following never leaves a band. Plus, with a new album coming this year, there will (hopefully) be a whole new wave of publicity to go along with it. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say the group doesn’t quite get the international attention or general radio play it did back in the “Clint Eastwood” days. This will probably only change if the group strikes another hit (which we all know Damon Albarn is capable of doing). But just for fun, we have a few ideas for how Gorillaz can start generating some more attention again.

Go Political (With A Major Video)

Not every band wants to get political, or is even comfortable doing so. Gorillaz might not necessarily go this route, and in some ways that would be commendable. One could argue that opting to dive into politics is sort of an easy way to score points, particularly in today’s incredibly polarized environment. Both in the U.S. and in Western Europe, politics have been a little turbulent for the last few years, and a song that makes a political statement is nicely situated to make a splash.

Even if it might be considered pandering however, this isn’t a bad idea specifically where publicity is concerned. Consider the recent example of U2’s “Get Out Of Your Own Way,” a politically charged tune that earned itself a Rolling Stone feature because of the quality and impact of its music video. A lot of that has to do with the fact that the video is incredibly creative (the band employed an Israeli graffiti group to design a stop-motion animation video) – but it’s also because of the tone of the song. Now, U2 is always going to get attention for something like this, because the band is known for political activism. But it’s hard to imagine a group like Gorillaz putting out a similarly sharp social critique with a great video wouldn’t generate a lot of attention.

Get Into Gaming

The link between major artists and video games definitely seems to have gotten more noticeable in recent years. In fact, sometimes even deceased artists are getting mainstream popularity boosts via gaming. Case in point, a digital slot machine based on Jimi Hendrix and some of his hit songs is a fan favourite among innumerable similar games with different themes. Much of that probably comes down to people who happen to be Hendrix fans – but no doubt some of the player base consists of gamers who simply liked what they bumped into. This is just one example, but given that Hendrix has been gone for so long and his brand of music isn’t exactly at the top of the charts today, it’s probably the most impressive.

And wouldn’t Gorillaz be the perfect group to go into gaming? It’s already referred to as a “virtual band” and comes with its own animated characters (and to some extent personae). The group could easily lend its material for a game like the Jimi Hendrix one, or else work with a developer to put out a new and original mobile game (something the world famous DJ Steve Aoki did just recently). A Gorillaz game done right, and featuring a blend of old and new music, would definitely get people talking again.

Snag A Guest Rapper

For this one we really don’t need to go into too much detail, because the idea speaks for itself. A guest rapper can make a single these days, and it’s hard to imagine there wouldn’t be a line of popular artists willing to work with Gorillaz. Crossover material like this has become an incredibly valuable tool for artists, and in this case it would give a rapper a fun new sound to try out and give Gorillaz a (relatively) easy way to top the charts. It’s a win-win that the group really ought to try.

January 16, 2018

Jamie Hewlett talks about on Damon Albarn in his New Book

Famous for his work as the illustrator half of the band Gorillaz with Blur singer Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett has published an autobiography book on his life’s work. The artist’s first monograph contains more than 400 pieces of artwork, spanning the artist's career.

Get inside the mind of Jamie Hewlett - with influences ranging from hip hop to zombie slasher movies, Hewlett emerged in the mid 1990s as co-creator of the zeitgeist-defining Tank Girl comic. With then-roommate, Blur frontman Damon Albarn, he went on to create the unique cartoon band Gorillaz, a virtual pop group of animated characters, which recorded four studio albums and mounted breathtaking live spectacles.

jamie hewlett monograph, jamie hewlett book, jamie hewlett interview 2018, new gorillaz interview, jamie hewlett gorillaz 2018, jamie hewlett interview

Hewlett also did a new interview on January 15th where he talks about Gorillaz, Damon Albarn and his new book's launch. He also talks a bit about how he met Damon Albarn, how he started Gorillaz and what inspires his Tank Girl character as well as his love for all things "girl power".

Buy his book on Amazon HERE.

Watch his new interview HERE

January 12, 2018

Damon Albarn - New Tour Date for 2018

Heads up! Damon Albarn is going to perform in Tigery, France on March 17th 2018 (Saturday) from 9:00pm onwards. This show marks the first for the Blur frontman in a long time, after his successful Humanz tour last year for his other project Gorillaz.

Albarn will perform with Jupiter & Okwess, a group Jupiter formed with Okwess International. The genre of their sound can be described as an experimental trance. This sound like no other was the delight of Damon Albarn during his album with Congo music and DRC Music in 2011.

Damon Albarn New Tour Date for 2018, Damon Albarn new song for 2018, damon albarn tigery, damon albarn jupiter and the moon

Gathering a tight slew of rhythmic patterns, Jupiter creates an electroshock, modern vibe using a traditional trance digest digested in the kinoise fashion. As Jupiter says, "They call me: Jupiter, Living Monument, Rebel General, Hope of Youth, Prophet of Congolese Music ... I accept all these nicknames! "

Book tickets HERE.

January 9, 2018

New Jamie Hewlett Interview - on the New Gorillaz Album

Hey all, sorry for the small hiatus! We're back to bring you more latest Blur and Damon Albarn news! This time, check out the latest interview with Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett!