November 14, 2016

Top 10 Blur Songs of 2016

Since 2016 is nearly coming to an end, here's our wrap up of the top 10 Blur songs of all time. We've included the most recent Blur tracks in our compilation, to reflect on the growth and development of the band. Here's the list of Blur classics that you're all going to love.

10. Young and Lovely - the joys of Blur is that they have the best B-sides any band could ever have. This song hits the spot at all the right places. It's lovely, it's young and it's simply soothing.

9. Ong Ong - it's our favourite pick from Blur's latest offering from their album The Magic Whip. Born and bred in Hong Kong, this song is wacky, fun and cheerful- the perfect combination.

8. Tender- the Blur classic that even your grandparents would have heard of (even if they're not from the 90s). This classic is definitely on the list of the best Blur songs out there. Damon Albarn's heartache is really felt in his lyrics and gentle crooning.

7. The Universal - we chose this partly because of the music video. Admit it, this song's great, but the music video is the icing on the cake.

6. Country Sad Ballad Man - an unusual choice that not many people would think of as a classic Blur hit. But we beg to differ, since this track is definitely deserving of a mention. The song is melodic, slightly psychedelic and very Blur-like. It grows on you!

5. Eine Kleine Lift Musik- an unusual track and again one that is often unheard of. But give it a listen and then tell us whether we're right. This song's a lesser known track that the band recorded as part of a charity album in their early days.

4. London Loves - we're loving the London vibes in this song. If you've ever been to London and visited the sites, you'll know that Blur captures the dusty, restless London vibe perfectly in this classic hit.

3. Beetlebum - written when Blur was high (in the literal sense), this song's the perfect epitome of the 90s. It's cool, it's sleepy and it's very, very good. It's also the UK number 1 of that time.

2. Chemical World - this song ranks as number two on the list because of it's cheerful and underrated vibe. It's a brilliant song, and the music video makes it extra special. Again, not a popular choice but we beg to differ.

1. Coffee and TV - our top pick of this year, and the song that everyone should be playing when they're alone on the subway, on the bus or just feeling low, is Graham Coxon's Coffee and TV. One of Blur's biggest and greatest hits, this song is sure to make you feel better after a long day.

We are going to make more playlists and compilations for all you Blur fans out there in the coming months. Stay tuned and do share!