March 12, 2012

Happy 43rd Birthday to Graham Coxon

Graham Coxon, Blur guitarist and solo artist turns 43 years old today (March 12th 1969)! We've collected a series of Graham funnies and moments that all fans will enjoy. 

One of the most revealing Graham Coxon videos out there is him on MTV Cribs. Graham Coxon shows the audience around his house and tells us about his "raunchy" pair of pants, guitars, computers and Blur figurines. Watch it below! 

For those who want to enjoy a special Graham Coxon video, with extracts from his best moments, interviews and the great man speaking, watch a special video below! Thanks to Tajda for making the video (and two memes) and helping us out at BlurBalls! 

And of course, Graham does have great solo albums. His varied albums show his full range of talents, and he experiments with different styles of music. His latest album A+E takes us back to more 80s retro guitar music, but we currently love this track from Graham's wonderful solo album "Happiness in Magazines". The track "Bittersweet Bundle of Misery" is has remnants of Coffee and TV, and is a mixture of Graham's distinct vocals plus his strumming. 


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