July 29, 2012

Blur - The Countdown to the Hyde Park 2012 Olympics Gig

Last night's Olympics Opening Ceremony was epic - Blur's 'Song 2' came on for about 10 seconds. And the crowds went wild. "WOO HOO" was heard all over the stadium and the crowds chanted along, much unlike that Brit Award performance we all know about. Blur was on - short and sweet. 

Promotional Poster
But have you ever wondered about the design process of Blur's album arts, merchandise or art work in general? Who makes the posters, ads, videos, chooses the colours and picks the designs?

For the Hyde Park Olympics gig, which is considered to be Blur's biggest event in the last decade, there are many talented graphic designers and artists working hard to produce and develop on every detail for the upcoming shows.

The following fabulous poster was originally designed for Blur's Eleven Management to promote Blur's Hyde Park summer gigs. As it is not in use right now, designer Sharon Chai of eyeflyhigh.com kindly contacted us to share her interesting and beautiful poster. 

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Alternative Hyde Park Poster - can you spot the Girls and Boys cover ?

It contains many references to Blur's album artwork in an Olympic context, including the greyhound standing at third place, the signature man from Think Tank standing at second place and the leisure swimsuit model on the very top. 

The Big Ben and other iconic structures of London feature in the background. There's even a milky present in the foreground.

After witnessing 4 billion people tune into Blur's 'Song 2' during the Olympics opening ceremony last night, it all seems very close to the Blur gig. 

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Less than 1 month now!
There's less than 1 month till the Hyde Park concerts (beginning on August 12th 2012) - anticipation is building up in the Blur camp. Will they play the new Blur songs again ? What will the setlist be like?