May 16, 2016

Cheap Festival Clothing - Everything5pounds review

For you music lovers, concert fanatics and music-festival goers, nothing is more painful than deciding what to wear and where to buy it. In case you've been living under a rock for the past few years, a cool site called Everything5pounds has the cheapest and coolest clothing in Britain. They sell ex-high street brands (ex meaning that the high street brands like New Look, Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins etc can't sell off their stock) for 5 pounds each.

Yes, everything on their site is exactly 5 pounds! We've chosen a few items for our summer festival outfits, and they're all pretty high quality stuff. All of their stock comes from high street brands, so we got some from Forever 21, Ideal Shoes (sold on Amazon) and more.

Not only do they have mens and women's clothing, but they also sell accessories, bags and shoes. It's just perfect for budget concert goers like the folks here, as the styles are versatile and pretty impressive.

Check their shop out, if you ever need some quick, high quality clothing for your next Gorillaz or Blur concert!

Use the code "MICHELLEFIVE" for 5 pounds off!


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