January 1, 2016

WS DEAR giveaway

Win a free dress from WS Dear! They're a great shop and they have agreed to sponsor us for a giveaway of any piece of clothing under $10. They sell a lot of cheap clothing which fits everyone of different ages.

I've chosen some of my favourite tops from their site and made them into a collage. They also have a $9.99 free shipping section which makes it even better, because I personally hate paying for shipping especially when some of the things you buy are almost as expensive as the shipping! Their shop is great.

Nice black dress- http://www.wsdear.com/women-s-slim-striped-shirt-stitching-dress.html
Lovely striped dress- http://www.wsdear.com/women-s-striped-cotton-black-aand-white-stitching-knit-dress.html
Awesome fall slim women's dress- http://www.wsdear.com/women-s-lace-knit-stitching-slim-black-sleeveless-dress.html

Steps to enter the giveaway (open worldwide): 

1. LIKE WS dear on facebook - HERE.

2. Comment on your favourite item in comments below, such as, "I hope to win and my favorite item is http://www.wsdear.com/sexy-fringed-printed-chiffon-jumpsuits-with-open-back-exposed-navel-clothes-shorts.html." 

Ending in 3 weeks! 

Good luck!  


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