March 27, 2015

Lonesome Street by Blur- Song Review


Blur's new single Lonesome Street is another hit, not because it's the greatest song of all time, but because it manages to capture the essence of Blur's 90s sound and merge it with new tinges of their album 'The Magic Whip', due out in the middle of this year.

The song begins with a small tune from a keyboard, and launches into Dave Rowntree's signature repetitive drumming- energetic, simple and well, Blur-like. The drumming must be applauded in this song as it forms the baseline of the track. It gives the song a Brit-pop vibe, which will definitely make it different from other songs in the charts these days.

Some say Lonesome Street sounds like a mixture of an early Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett. Indeed this is true. This song could fit right into the early pop tracks, as Damon Albarn sings about "cracks inside the tarmac ride" , "crossing the street" to taking a train to East Grinstead.

Sounding somewhat like a track that could fit right into either "Leisure", "Modern Life is Rubbish" or The Great Escape, this track can fit right in somewhere between "Charmless Man" and "One Born Every Minute". Indeed it could even be a b-side to their earlier 90s albums, because it has the raw energy and touch to the tune.

The only criticism that one can give is that the song sounds slightly repetitive towards the end. Damon Albarn repeats "Lonesome Street" increasingly towards the end, and the lyrics are limited by this phrase. Even so, the song still gives us happy vibes because it does not disappoint.

Again, the release of this track preludes their eagerly awaited album, which should be even bigger, better and will not fail to impress fans.

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