January 6, 2015

Dress like a Britpopper

Ever wanted to dress like a celebrity? Ever found your fashion idol online and wanted to look exactly like him or her? Maybe you have been inspired by singers like Damon Albarn or Graham Coxon, and want to dress in their special jacket or outfit that you once saw on Blur's music videos!

While it may be a bit harder to dress like a male celebrity, it's easier than you think for female singers. Dresses are often custom made to fit a certain style of celebrity fashion, e.g. Britpop chic,vintage dresses, Katy Perry styles, you name it, someone out there has made something like it for sale in a boutique store or what not.

There are so many custom made dresses online that one doesn't have to worry about a lack of choice in our age. From British-styled vintage pieces to chic modern styles, there's a lot to offer from online shopping. For music fans, you can even dress like your favourite celebrity or rock star, simply by buying online!


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