January 20, 2014

Everyday Robots- Damon Albarn's New Solo Album

Damon Albarn is set to release his debut solo album "Everyday Robots" on April 28th 2014. The album's title track and lead single will see a March 3rd digital and vinyl release.

Albarn celebrated the announcement with the release of a new trailer for the album- a short movie clip featuring moving shots of landscapes and urban shots, ending with the hashtag #everydayrobots.

According to Billboard, "Everyday Robots," under the Warner Music umbrella, is comprised of 12 songs. The album will also include a deluxe CD/DVD package that features footage of a live performance in Los Angeles.
An interview with Rolling Stone last year revealed that Albarn had created the project with XL Recordings head Richard Russell, and that it would be a "sort of folk soul" release. Little else is currently known about the album.
Check out the full tracklist below.
1. "Everyday Robots"
2. "Hostiles"
3. "Lonely Press Play"
4. "Mr. Tembo"
5. "Parakeet"
6. "The Selfish Giant"
7. "You and Me"
8. "Hollow Ponds"
9. "Seven High"
10. "Photographs (You Are Taking Now)"
11. "The History of a Cheating Heart"
12. "Heavy Seas Of Love"
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