February 6, 2013

Review: Child of Lov - Heal (ft Damon Albarn)

Solo artist Child of Lov is a 25-year old musician from the Netherlands. The mysterious musician and self-proclaimed "warrior of funk" has not made much information about his music or biography available to the public. However he has managed to secure Blur's Damon Albarn to collaborate together for two tracks on his upcoming debut album this year. 

Child of Lov's new album 'The Child of Lov' will be released in May 2013, and features Damon on tracks 'Heal' and 'One Day'.  His funky and hip-hop style have caused critics to compare his music with those of Prince and Jai Paul.Other featured artists on Child of Lov's new release includes big names-  DOOM and Thundercat. 

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'Heal',  the first single from the album, features a funky and deep baseline that Damon Albarn composed. The track is idiosyncratic and portrays Child of Lov's own brand of electronica-funk, very much like the 80s soul / funk sound. The falsetto vocals and catchy guitar work compliment the song well and matches the tune's beat.  

Damon Albarn's contribution is signifiant - The result is a ridiculously catchy, jumpy track which sounds not unlike a mixture of Gorillaz and Blur. Blur's experimental last album 'Think Tank' in 2003 also contains traces of heavy, catchy bass and synthesised vocals ('Crazy Beat') .  

Visually, the music video is brilliant. It features children running and playing in a suburban town, complete with old-school antics like bizarre fashion, lots of sunshine, smashing up a bike, and funky dancing in rollerskating arcades. Overall, a successful and emotional artistic attempt - 3/5. 

Double Six Records will release a limited edition 7-inch single of “Heal” on November 26th 2013. You can pre-order that 7-inch here

Check out the video (directed by Focus Creeps, the company who created some Arctic Monkey music videos) and listen to the song below. 

Damon Albarn's other collaboration feature on the album 'One Day' is currently not available online. Watch out for a review of the track once it's out.

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