August 30, 2012

Damon Albarn to put Blur aside for now

According to a recent report by Total Essex, Damon Albarn dismissed the 'this-is-all-over' Blur talk that was all over the media before and after Hyde Park 2012. 

On Hyde Park, Damon Albarn was patriotic and very proud to be British: "It was brilliant really. The whole thing was very special. What an extraordinary couple of weeks it's been. The whole Olympics has been brilliant – a tonic for the whole country – and it was an honour to be a part of that.

"I love this country and I love this city. London is our city and I live just round the corner from Hyde Park so when I was given the invitation to do the gig, I jumped at it really."

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"I think they are both strong Blur tunes – both sides of Blur really. We wanted to prove that we are still evolving because we have never stood still," said Damon on the new Blur songs.
"The world is a different place – almost unrecognisable – to when we started and the times when Blur fully existed and so are we. That's the whole point.
So what's in for the future? 

"Yes, It's a full stop for now because we've all got other stuff going on – Graham has another solo album due out, Dave is busy with politics and being a lawyer and Alex is combining making cheese and running a farm with his life as a media whore while the African Express sets off round the country this week – but to say it's 'The End', that's not true at all."

There's also a secret - Damon also remarked: "We've talked about it privately and I have my own idea of a scenario but it probably won't be that either because you can't be that clear about such things because you just don't know."

So, 21 years later and the vision is still no clearer than ever. Yes Blur or No Blur, it's still a blurred future. 
Check out Alex James' funny Hyde Park interview about Olympics, crying before the show, closing the show, Blur, Blur being shit and Usain Bolt below. He talks about Blur's fitness levels, Terry Hall and other hilarious little anecdotes. 

All we want to know is - what exactly did Blur discuss about that they can't tell us ? 

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