July 20, 2011

Harry Potter meets Damon Albarn !

I watched the last Harry Potter movie a few days ago, and walking out of the theatre, I can't help feeling a little melancholy about the "end" of an era. An era of Harry Potter fandom and kids growing up along the world of wizards, Hogwarts and the actors that play these wonderful characters.

Surprisingly, I was reminded by TracyJackAlbarn, a fellow Blur fan, that Damon Albarn actually met Harry Potter - or lets call him Daniel Radcliffe, during an interview in the Jonathan Ross Show on March 2007.

Quoted from the 2007 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross episode summary found hereDaniel Radcliffe, who has gone from boy wizard to horse fondler, returns to the show as does Damon Albarn with yet another new band, The Good, The Bad & The Queen. Has he finally formed a good one?

There's a footage, just a snippet of them on the show together, chatting together, I am not sure whether it was backstage on the show or on the actual Harry Potter set,  which appeared in another video interviewing Daniel Radcliffe about the movie.

Apparently, Daniel views Damon Albarn as one of his mentors and person he looks up to!

Watch below, Damon's part is at 0:48:

Anyone offer an opinion on where Damon and Daniel met in the video ? Is it on the Jonathan Ross show in March 2007, or was it on the Harry Potter movie set ?

And why is Daniel Radcliffe dressed up ? Did Damon actually go visit him on set ?

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