March 10, 2011

Spur of the moment drawing

I had this little burst of creativity and decided to draw the Blur boys using an online paint software....

Thinking this can be my new logo or something. Do they even look like who they're supposed to be? Can you guys guess who is who ? 

And FIY, the Blur demo tape that's being sold on eBay has closed and reached a crazy price of GBP 217.12! Hope that new song "Us" gets shared soon, I'll post it up if it comes out! 


  1. Firstly, the drawing is excellent, Danomind. It really is. Right down to Alex James' characteristic, s#%t-eating grin. I think it would make a fantastic logo. And whatever the laywers say, it would also make a great t-shirt.

    Secondly, do you think Albarn was the highest bidder on that tape?


  2. @Rose

    Rose! Your comment had me cracking up, right in the middle of revising for a Law exam! Thank you, I did it using Deviantart's graffiti. I really like it too. Do you have an account there?

    And ha, I suspect Albarn wasn't the highest bidder. He doesn't know how to use technology, prefers to ride bikes around town and is the only member of the band not to have a twitter/facebook page thing. I'd say it was a fan just like us :D

    Nevertheless, I just can't wait to listen to "Us" as it is possibly a new song. Worse case being a) it never will be circulated online because the buyer was too selfish/ technologically challenged, or b) it's just another name for "She's So High" or a song from Leisure.