February 7, 2011

Gorillaz to split up ?

The future of Gorillaz has been thrown into doubt after Damon Albarn admitted 2005’s ‘Demon Days’ is “probably the last album we make”.

The star was speaking after the fourth show of the cartoon outfit’s five-night New York Harlem Apolloresidency last night (April 5).

Albarn told BBC 6 Music that although he was happy with the way things were going within the group, he thinks they’ve maybe taken the concept as far as it can go.

He admitted: "At the moment we're like, that's probably the last album we make, I don't think we could make a better album than ‘Demon Days’really, for what this is and how it works."

However, he left a door open by adding: "Last night we thought 'Surely this isn't the end', and I don't know we're saying it's the end again, but it's quite a hip-hop thing to retire and come back you know."

The issue has been clouded even further by the revelation earlier this week by Blur bass player Alex Jamesthat the band have reconvened recently to make new music, their first since the release of the 2003 LP‘Think Tank’.

The grand finale of Gorillaz’ NYCresidency takes place tonight (April 6). As was the case during theirManchester Opera House residency in late 2005, guests De La SoulIke TurnerNeneh CherryShaun RyderRoots Manuva and Martina Topley-Bird all joined the band to perform ‘Demon Days’ in full.

However, last night actor Dennis Hopper joined the band on stage to perform vocals on ‘Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head’ live for the first time.

Different versions of the article makes out that:

  • The Gorillaz world tour 'became dogged with angry rows'

  • Things 'havent been great for a while' between Damon and Jamie

  • 'the other week', after the end of the tour, things came to a head and there was a 'massive argument' that 'basically ended things

  • Jamie was 'frustrated at how much time Damon was giving to his many other projects' and Damon was 'less than impressed with Jamie's party lifestyle'.

  • a band insider is quoted as saying 'it would take a lot to get Jamie and Damon back together'

  • Gorillaz will quit after appearing in a movie, to be directed by Terry Gilliam and scored by frontman Damon Albarn. Albarn has confirmed Gorillaz have released their last ever album and will go their separate ways when the film is released.

    The news comes after months of speculation about the future of the band – the Blur frontman’s side project. He says: “We’re trying to make a film next, starting in September hopefully. There won’t be another pop record.”

    If the thing reads like a tabloid piece, it’s because it is. That said, the news does come just weeks after Albarn delivered a lengthy speech during the band’s final scheduled concert in which he told the audience that this may be the final time the collective performs together.

    Currently, Albarn is said to be working with his other acclaimed outfit, Blur, as well as on an opera.

    Well, personally I think you can never take Damon seriously anymore after these few years (Blur are never going to make another album...then "Blur are back!"). Lets wait and see, but for the next year or so, I wouldn't expect anything Gorillaz.



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